How Marble Repair Melbourne Can Help You Make Your Floor Last Longer and Look Stunning

November 12, 2021 0 Comments

Marble and plastering is a common product for both residential and commercial use. Marble can be used to build stairs, floors, porticos and columns. In the home we see many marble floorings and wall coverings in our living rooms, dining rooms and entryways. When applied correctly it will enhance the beauty of any room. The main reason for using plaster or marble is because it is extremely hard wearing and durable and is used to strengthen the floor, wall and ceiling by providing a firm and level surface.

When it comes to marble, whether used for interior or exterior applications, there are several options available. The best tiles are found in south eastern suburbs of Melbourne where the climate is mild and there is sufficient drainage. These are known as shillelagh tiles, which are very popular in that part of the city. These are the best tiles for Melbourne because they are affordable and easy to install. They are also resistant to the most harsh weather conditions and are considered to be maintenance free.

Marble repair in Melbourne can be carried out on slabs that are loose. When you find a piece that has become damaged or is badly worn there are a few things that you can do. If the marble tile has been installed over concrete then you have the option of recovering the slab and setting it into place. You can then secure it by nailing or stapling it to the wall. If the slab is made from stone like granite, limestone or slate then you will not be able to salvage it as it will require replacement.

You could attempt to repair the best tiles in the home yourself. There are a number of cleaners available and most are chemical free so you won’t be putting harmful chemicals into the environment. If you choose to try your own technique you should use caution as it is possible to damage or scratch the marble. One way to avoid this is to use a solvent based cleaner on a sponge and some cotton wool. If the area has been lightly sanded then you may not need to worry about damaging the tiles. The same would apply if you were applying a sealer to protect new tiles.

It is important to take care when removing old tiles. If you are going to remove them yourself then make sure you wear protective gloves and safety glasses. Marble can be quite brittle so using too much force can cause large pieces to break. Once all the tiles are removed from the wall and legs are down then secure the area with cement board. Marble repair in Melbourne can be undertaken by both DIY’s and full service companies.

If you have expensive marble tiles you could consider having them repaired by a professional. Most companies will be able to source all the materials they need and will be able to fix any problems quickly and efficiently. If you live in Australia and you are considering repairing your marble, then contact a marble repair specialist in Melbourne for a free quote.

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