Why is it Important to Get 100% Bond Back From Tenants?

October 22, 2021 0 Comments

End of lease cleaning in Melbourne involves the following general cleaning checklist. Living room and bedroom cleaning (all drawers, light switches and edges) Vacuum on both floors & top of furniture (to get rid of any crumbs or moths) Steam cleaning of the bath and bathroom. Kitchen and utility areas should be vacuumed thoroughly and kept spotless. Damp proofing in all wet rooms and basements should also be completed as part of the overall end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.

When end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is nearing, a professional property manager will visit the property to assess the work to be carried out. If there are any repairs to be carried out, the property manager will discuss these with the tenant, making sure that all the work is carried out safely and according to the agreed terms. For example, an electric meter must be visible so that the tenant can pay for the electricity and gas.

It is important to keep the outside of the building clean. This will attract a higher tenant bill. End of lease cleaning in Melbourne also involves repainting the property. The property manager will normally be responsible for selecting a painting contractor and ensuring that the job is carried out to the customer’s satisfaction. Some property owners choose to carry out the painting themselves to save on cost but it is always safer to have a qualified professional do the work.

The property owner may need to make some decisions about how to handle the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Some property owners have the option of selling the building at the end of the lease period to reduce their cleaning costs. This will help to reduce the bond cleaning cost and allows them to move into the new premises without having to face large financial outgoings. However, there are often problems associated with selling a property such as advertising. For this reason many end of lease cleaning businesses in Melbourne will require some form of advertising and this is usually done through the local newspaper.

To ensure that you get 100 per cent bond back from your tenants when they leave, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the property. End of lease cleaning Melbourne businesses that get contracts from larger property owners will have staff that cleans the property on a regular basis. They will do this on behalf of the business by contacting the former tenant as part of a marketing strategy. If the client has decided to move out, then the cleaning team will contact the exit date to get the property ready for the new tenant.

Cleaning contracts for short-term leases in Melbourne are normally very short-lived. A business will normally have to abide by agreed-cleaning targets during the period of the contract and if they breach these targets they will be liable to pay the cost of cleaning from the remaining balance. Businesses should therefore make sure that they keep the property clean from the moment of taking the agreement until the end of the tenancy when they leave. This can help them avoid any costly extra costs when cleaning and also helps them to get 100 per cent bond back from their tenants.

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