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Curtains Brighton
May 4, 2022 0 Comments

The slub weave of this modern, rustic curtain collection is reminiscent of an antique windowpane plaid pattern. The distressed windowpane grid is complemented by a blending fabric ground for rich texture and dry hand. The flecks of linen provide visible visual interest. The Brighton collection is sure to make your window treatment look even more elegant. This style has become a favorite among home decorators and designers, and will add a unique, rustic look to any space.

Before choosing curtains, consider your needs. Do you have a narrow window or a high ceiling? Adding a sheer curtain rod to your window treatment will help keep the room cool while allowing light to enter the room. If you need to add a custom treatment to your window coverings, you can ask the Brighton Handsewn team to help you choose the best curtains. They can help you decide how much fabric you need, as well as give you advice on the fullness of your curtains. In addition to the width, they can provide allowances for hems and pattern repeats.

The Music Room is another room that can benefit from custom-made curtains. The Music Room was originally decorated with Chinese influences, but it was later renovated in Indian style. The gilded canopy above the curtain rail echoed the Mogul style. The gilded canopies and dragons that adorn the ceiling were painstakingly restored after the 1975 fire, preserving its decoration. If you are looking for an elegant curtain, consider the Music Room’s decor.

The Brighton collection features a slub-woven cotton with a traditional pencil pleat heading. They are also lined with white poplin that has been mercerized and thread-dyed. The front and back of each curtain is patterned with the featured fabric. All seams on these curtains are well-sewn and have a rustic appeal. Whether you need a classic, rustic curtain or something a little more modern, Curtains Brighton collection offers something for everyone.

You can search through pictures and read reviews to find a curtain maker who will be able to help you with the project. A great tip is to look for reviews of Brighton window dressing professionals. Read the reviews on the sites and check out their past projects before making your decision. A curtain maker will also be able to provide you with a free quote and advice about the right window treatment for your space.